Forms & Info

Here are some coursework resources and additional information available for perusal and download that will help guide you through your NEOMFA experience.

Student Forms

Student Handbook 2017-18

This is the official NEOMFA Student Handbook, including rules, regulations, tips & hints, etc. If you have questions about the program, this handbook probably holds the answer.


Cross Registration Form

Do you want to sign up for a class that’s not taught on your gateway campus? This is the form you’ll need.


Thesis Committee Form

When the time comes for you to be thinking about your thesis project, get your thesis committee members to sign this form and return it to the NEOMFA office. Individual gateway campuses will also need you to fill out separate forms. Check with them.


Thesis Defense Form

This is the form that lets you graduate after your successful thesis defense. You will need to have this form on hand for your thesis defense date.


Thesis Requirements

What do you need to do before you can graduate with your fancy new MFA degree? Read this to make sure you’re covered.


Student Advisement Form

Your official advisement form is kept on file with your campus coordinator, but here is a version for you to print out and keep for your own records. Included in this form are your credit hour and course requirements.


Leave of Absence Policy

If you’re considering taking a leave of absence from the program, please refer to this document for the NEOMFAs guidelines and procedures in that process.

Campus Maps and Parking

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Kent State University

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