Creative Non-Fiction

Students studying creative nonfiction in the NEOMFA learn and practice the craft of the essay, memoir, personal narrative, literary journalism, lyric essay, travelogue, food writing, and much more. Creative nonfiction has blossomed as a literary form over the past decade, both artistically and commercially, offering exciting opportunities for writers of all backgrounds.

The NEOMFA offers writing workshops in nonfiction, as well as classes on the craft and theory of the genre. Recent topics include the use of the “I” narrator, nonfiction writing about place, and the art of immersion nonfiction. In a class focusing on the craft of the essay collection, each student wrote an original essay and then edited the group’s work into book form.

Students specializing in creative nonfiction will learn important techniques in form and style, as well as the vital lessons of ethics and traditions that will allow them to explore the broad artistic possibilities of writing based on true events.

Faculty: Phil Brady, David Giffels, Varley O’Connor