Students studying fiction in the NEOMFA have the opportunity to work with a wide array of professional fiction writers, who come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. We espouse no particular aesthetic or philosophy of writing, and welcome writers whose traditions may vary between the poles of realist and non-realist modes: domestic and historical realism, magical realism, fabulism, absurdist and speculative fiction alike are practiced by our diverse faculty and our students, making this program one where you will encounter literary kin as well as literary strangers.

The NEOMFA offers writing workshops in fiction (the short story and the novel), as well as classes on the craft and theory of a variety of genres or modes. Recent topics include Writing Dark Fiction, Writing about the Body, Genre Bending and Blending, Noir Fiction, and Writing in Non-Realist Modes.

Students specializing in fiction will leave the program with a breadth of knowledge regard fiction’s many genres or modes as well as the forms fiction can take (flash fiction, the short story, the novella, the novel, and the novel-in-stories), providing them with the tools to be a diversified professional writer.

Faculty: Chris Barzak, Imad Rahman, Varley O’Connor, Robert Pope, Eric Wasserman