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Program Coordinator | Cleveland State University
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Recent Publications

Hunger.Hobart, 2019, Essay.
6/21.Essay Daily, 2018, Essay.
Man & Moon.The Pinch, 2017, Pushcart Nominated, Essay.
What It Is to Preserve. Ninth Letter, 2016, Short Story.
The Stargazer. 7.2 Gigantic Sequins, 2016, Pushcart Nominated, Essay.
Mutable. Entropy, 2016, Essay.

About Amber

Experienced Adjunct Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in nonfiction, fiction, editing, book design, and creative writing. Strong education professional with a Master of Fine Arts focused in MFA Creative Writing, Fiction from Cleveland State University.

Where did you grow up?

Ocean Springs, Mississippi—a small, artsy town on the Gulf Coast.

What is one of your favorite places in Cleveland?

The rocks by Lake Erie at Edgewater Park in Cleveland. Best place to watch the sunset and be thoughtful/sad/hopeful/lonely/ inspired/etc./etc.

Your most awkward moment with a famous writer?

I once told Claudia Rankine I loved her book, “Please Don’t Let Me Be Lonely.” That’s not the name of her book.

What do you secretly hope someone else will bring to a potluck?

Macaroni and cheese. Always.

What was the best reading you’ve ever been to?

Hands down—George Saunders. I’ve never witnessed a writer so in tune with his own work. We watched him read exactly how he heard those characters in his head.

Are you pro experimental forms of creating writing or against them—meaning the uses of em dashes, hyphens, ampersands, no punctuation, and so forth?

I’m definitely pro experimentation, at any stage in your writing experience, but especially when you’re first starting out. When you find yourself questioning whether or not you should take a risk—take a risk. The important thing is to ensure you aren’t being experimental just for the sake of being experimental. These choices still have to either be a product of or in service to your writing.

Your best piece of advice for a young writer? (or the best piece of advice you received as a young writer).

Don’t just give your work away. Don’t be afraid to be picky when sending your work out to editors. Be patient and do your research and ensure you’re sending it to someone who will truly give it a good home and further support you and your writing.

In two sentences or less what does the NEOMFA mean to you?

I found my voice, as a writer, while in the NEOMFA. And family.

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