Graduate Assistantships

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A limited number of funding opportunities are available for qualified NEOMFA students. Graduate assistantships represent tuition remission and/or stipends based on academic merit, experience in the field, and recommendations. An assistantship typically requires the recipient to perform some service for the gateway university, such as tutoring in campus Writing Centers, working for Poetry Centers, or teaching undergraduate classes.

Graduate assistantships are competitive and we cannot offer them to every NEOMFA student. Assistantships vary at each campus. If you are interested in being considered for a graduate assistantship please contact your Campus Coordinators for details. While our four universities make an effort to match students with their interests, there is no guarantee, if an assistantship is granted, that students will be given their preferred assignment.


Full and partial funding opportunities are available to teach composition and creative writing, to work at the Wick Poetry Center, the CSU Poetry Center, the Youngstown State Poetry Center, or one of the university writing labs.