Bradley Halverson

Fiction | Kent State University | Class of 2022

Bradley Halverson’s novel, The Facility, is a harrowing young adult novel that gently explores the effects of trauma of both youths and adults alike, and how it can later lead to even more traumas like suicide. In this novel, our protagonist, a young woman who has taken her life but changed her mind at the last minute, finds herself in a place between worlds, and is given the chance to undo what she has done, if she can find her way out of this in-between place called The Facility. —Chris Barzak


About Bradley

Bradley J. Halverson holds a B.A. in English, a M.S. in Higher Education Administration, and an M.F.A in Creative Writing through NEOMFA (and that’s enough!). His work was once described as “pleasantly bitchy.” He currently resides in Northeast Ohio with his three-legged cat, Catssidy. 

Your advice to an incoming MFA student?

Being in the NEOMFA is the most affirmed I’ve ever felt as a writer. For anyone who doubts themselves, trust the process, but more importantly, trust yourself. You are in gracious and kind hands in the NEOMFA. Be vulnerable, do the scary thing, and shine like a goddamn star. 

What’s on your nightstand right now?

Lamp, a stack of half-finished crossword books, melatonin, a half-filled glass of water on a Chandler Bing coaster. 

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