Dominic Dulin

Poetry | Cleveland State University | Class of Fall 2023

Double Time is a poetry manuscript investigating language, binaries, and poetry as code. The manuscript is a poetic investigation of form which creates a numbered stanza and line sequence which involves duplication and retrograde. Language as music, coding, and counting creates an architecture for the work in which the poet lyric becomes the material around the book’s formal architecture.


Dominic Dulin

Dominic Dulin is a poet, painter, and musician out of Cleveland, Ohio. He has had poetry published by Iterant, Yum! Lit, Surreal Poetics, among others.

What’s on your nightstand right now?

Sho by Douglas Kearney, Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich (trans. Barry Windeatt), and Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction by Timothy Gowers.

Do you have any eccentric habits/strategies to get you started writing? What are they?

While my laptop keyboard is okay, I’ve been using my gaming / custom mechanical keyboards to start writing lately. I guess you could call them close to “modern” typewriters.

What are your favorite words? Why?

Gall, redux, cistern, wallow. These are a handful of my favorite words, mostly on a sound / sonic level.