Jazz Ellington

Creative Nonfiction | Cleveland State University | Class of 2021

It would be satisfying enough to dwell on the visual presentation of Jazmine’s work, the way the lines weave shapes, symbols mingle with letters, redactions punctuate prose, patterns press for emphasis. And it might be tempting to think that these grace notes and embellishments exist to deflect or soften the danger, pain, and alienation that runs through these lyric essays. But that’s just not possible, as Jazmine’s voice always slices through with honesty, vulnerability, yearning, and her inherent sweetness. —David Giffels


About Jazz

Jazz Ellington, lives in Cleveland, Ohio and is the Poetry Editor for Sidereal Magazine. She was a 2019 fellow for the Baldwin House Residency with Twelve Literary Arts, and her work has appeared in EntropyMoonchild Magazine, Sea foam Mag, and elsewhere. She likes blending genres and experimenting with form. If she’s not playing Sims or Animal Crossing, she’s probably reading. You can connect with her on Twitter: @GreatGiggles22

What’s your cure for hiccups?

Pant, it actually helps for some bizarre reason. 

Choice of last meal?

Lobster bisque 

What the highest number of revisions you’ve done on a single piece of your writing?

Like, 16…

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