Joelle Lambert

Fiction | Youngstown State University | Class of 2022

Joelle Lambert’s thesis, Tenderized, is a collection of short stories that covers a wide range of characters growing up in the remains of the fading post-industrial town, Youngsville, where they each face a variety of tribulations as their hometown’s economy and social order crumble over the years, and they discover that they have fewer and fewer pathways out into the wider world around them. —Chris Barzak


About Joelle

Joelle Lambert holds a BA in Professional and Technical Writing from Youngstown State University and an MFA in Creative Writing from the NEOMFA program through YSU. 

What’s your secret talent?

Fire spinning

What are your favorite words? Why?

Phantasmagorical is such a dope word. It has so many great syllables and I think it’s quite evocative. I also enjoy the word undulating. It makes me want to move my body.