Leave of Absence Policy

NEOMFA students in good standing may request up to a one-year leave of absence from the program. Students wishing to delay studies for more than one year must reapply to the NEOMFA by re-submitting a creative portfolio and statement of goals, and undergoing a reevaluation by the admissions committee in the spring. Students who intend to resume classes in the spring semester should submit their applications for review by the Executive Committee no later than September 1st.

This leave of absence policy relates to the NEOMFA program only, and is not a policy created or enforced by the graduate schools of the four universities. The leave of absence is connected to the separate NEOMFA admissions process that is required for students to matriculate in the program. The NEOMFA reserves the right to nullify a student’s NEOMFA admissions acceptance based on an unsuccessful appeal for leave of absence, or a leave of absence that exceeds one year. This does not necessarily mean that the student will lose graduate student status at the gateway, however, as it is only a revocation of NEOMFA student status. Graduate school policies may vary.

A NEOMFA student wishing to request more than a year’s leave of absence will initiate the process by discussing the leave with his or her Campus Coordinator. Next the student will send an email to the attention of the NEOMFA Director and Executive Committee. The letter should outline the circumstances for the leave. In most cases, the student will request a leave of absence before time away from the program. However, the NEOMFA does recognize that retroactive leaves of absence may be warranted in certain circumstances, and will address them on a case-by-case basis. Any questions about the leave of absence policy should be directed to the NEOMFA Director.

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