Meghan Wagner

Fiction | Cleveland State University | Class of 2021

Meghan's novel is both terrifically ambitious and compulsively readable, high concept yet character-driven, reminiscent of David Mitchell (especially Cloud Atlas and The Bone Clocks) and Jennifer Egan (especially A Visit From The Goon Squad and The Keep). Meghan moves smoothly from gothic horror where cuddly-yet-sinister magical pets feed on human teeth and human frailty, to secret societies in a contemporary Cleveland full of mysterious grad students, shady rock stars and murderous groupies. —Imad Rahman


About Meghan

Meghan Louise Wagner is a writer and NEOMFA graduate. Her work has recently appeared in such places as AGNI, matchbook, Shirley Magazine, Hobart, and X-R-A-Y Lit.

Where can we find your work? Is there a specific publication we can highlight or link to?

I have a short story in the Spring 2021 issue of AGNI (in print, shipping sometime in June). Online, you can find my short CNF essays at Minola Review, X-R-A-Y Lit, and Hobart. I also have short fiction in Shirley Magazine, matchbook, and Everyday Fiction. My radio play is also available for streaming through Playwrights Local.

Your advice to an incoming MFA student?

Try to attend all the visiting writer events that you can! Even if they’re out of your genre or it’s an author you’re not familiar with. I can think of at least one thing I learned from each one I went to that has made me a better writer in some way. They’re also a nice way to interact with people in the program who you don’t normally get to see on your campus or in your classes.

What’s your preferred method for eating a cupcake? Frosting first, then cake? Bottom then top? Equal rationing of frosting to cake? Please describe.

As someone who has worked professionally in cupcakes, I have strong opinions on this, lol. The way to go is to twist the cake part in half, then put the bottom part on top of the frosting and eat it like a sandwich.

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