Mixby Dickon

Poetry | University of Akron | Class of 2023

The speaker in Dear Cis Readers navigates conflicts between compassion, compromise, and personal dignity. Sometimes acerbic and always defiant, Dear Cis Readers illustrates both the joys and frustrations of trans life.


About Mixby

Mixby (she/they) is a non-binary poet from Akron, OH. They can be found searching for vegetarian recipes online, doing kitchen witchcraft, and exploring local music scenes. Her work can be found in Rubbtertop Review.

What’s on your nightstand right now?

Jennifer Espinoza’s There Should be Flowers.

Do you have any eccentric habits/strategies to get you started writing? What are they?

I actually don’t do my best writing when I’m alone, and everything is quiet. I’ll usually go out in public to write, and even when I’m home, I’ll write with the TV on, a YouTube video, or music playing in the background. If I don’t have that stimulation, it is usually when I’m staring at a blank screen.

Your advice to an incoming MFA student?

The best advice I received came from an NEOMFA alum, Noor Hindi. She encouraged me to find my people and write to them as my audience. I would like to add to that the importance of protecting one’s voice, especially in workshops. Not everything that is said in a workshop is concrete advice that must be followed. Ultimately, you still know what is best for your own work, even as you open your mind to feedback.

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