Paul Mangus

Poetry | University of Akron | Class of 2021

In the poetry collection Match Bitten, we are animals, or almost animals. We sit awestruck beneath a celestial ceiling, and ask the stones and crystals around us for a glimpse of their wisdom. Fortunately, we have fire, an element that pervades and illuminates this volume. The poem “the day I blew away with the rest of the leaves” states, “forgive me for not forgetting / I could be mixed in with the rest of the foliage / all barren / reaching towards a moonlit sky.” Paul Mangus reminds us that we are part of this earth, and while doing so, he makes us feel more alive.  —Mary Biddinger


About Paul

Paul Mangus is an emerging poet, editor, and teacher from Akron, Ohio.

Your most awkward moment with a famous writer?

Having to meet Sam Sax for a second time. He didn’t remember me at all.

Choice of last meal?

Shepherd's Pie

What’s on your nightstand right now?

More crystals than I’ll ever use or need.