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Program Overview


The NEOMFA is the only creative writing program in the nation that merges the faculties of three universities into one single writing program. We provide writers with a platform to hone creative skills, explore the finer details of the craft, and expand the scope of their creative energies. We are excited to offer unique curriculum, diverse faculty, a professional internship program, funding opportunitiesworkshops with visiting writersand other opportunities.


Your gateway campus is the individual university at which you are accepted and enrolled in as a graduate student. The three gateway universities in the NEOMFA are Cleveland State University, Kent State University, and The University of Akron. Youngstown State University is no longer a gateway campus (i.e., enrolling students in the NEOMFA), but NEOMFA graduate students can take courses with NEOMFA faculty teaching at YSU.  Learn more about our campuses.


Courses are cross-listed at all three universities, so students are free to register across institutional boundaries. Forty-eight credit hours are required to complete the degree. Classes meet once a week and full-time enrollment is considered 9 credit hours each semester (3 classes). Full-time students can expect to complete the program within three years.

We offer writing workshops, craft and theory courses, literature courses, internships, thesis hours, and electives. Learn more about courses here.


Students in the NEOMFA have the opportunity to take classes at three different campuses with three different sets of faculty that all offer their own unique perspectives. Taking workshops on all campuses with different writers exposes our students to a variety of aesthetics, expands their possibilities for individual feedback, and allows them to connect with other highly motivated and talented students from across the consortium. We take pride that our curriculum gives students the chance to seriously study a second genre of interest. Learn more about our faculty members.


If you have a question that’s not answered here, or would like further information, feel free to contact us by email at

Who is my advisor?

Your advisor is the Campus Coordinator at your gateway campus. A list of campus coordinators can be found here. You should also be acquainted with the administrative staff of your campus’s English department.

What will my diploma say?

Your diploma will be granted by your gateway institution and have their seal on it but will also state that your degree was granted “on the recommendation of the faculty of the Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts Program.”

How do I sign up for the NEOMFA Slack channel?

We use Slack, a messaging app, to communicate with our students, faculty, and alumni about upcoming events, important announcements, course updates, job opportunities, and more. Once admitted into the program, email us at for a direct invitation.

How do I take a leave of absence?

If you are unable to take at least one (1) course in a given semester, email your Campus Coordinator requesting a leave of absence with an explanation. Your Campus Coordinator will present your letter to the Executive Committee, who will make the final decision. Read more about our leave of absence policy here.