Ryan Merriman

Fiction | Cleveland State University | Class of 2020

“Ryan T. Merriman’s thesis, We Rode Alone, of Course, contains some of the funniest stories you’ll encounter. However, within those hysterical fictional depictions, readers become witnesses to a writer who uses humor to make us think deeply about how we relate to each other. Merriman poses significant questions. Are we ultimately defined by our professions? Can friendships be sustained simply by a mutual interest? The best original fiction poses questions rather than answers. Merriman does exactly that.”


About Ryan

Ryan teaches high school English in the Cleveland area. When he is not teaching or writing, he listens to polka music and runs/walks. He also enjoys the Cleveland Indians.

Do you have any eccentric habits/strategies to get you started writing?

I typically pace around a room and talk out loud with what I want to do with a story. It’s pretty crazy.

What are your favorite words?

I am a huge fan of both “ephemeral” and “perfunctory.” I would fight with such words in battle, if I had to.

What do you secretly hope someone will bring to a potluck?

Oreo cookies and milk, so I can dip the Oreo cookies in the milk.