Thomas Mocarski

Poetry | University of Akron | Class of 2022

Thomas Mocarski’s poetry collection Of Brains and Boxcars meets us on the train tracks at midnight and cracks its knuckles, ready to throw down. With one creeper-clad foot in a sublime rendering of society’s underbelly, the other in a surreal mid-pandemic tableau, Mocarski’s poems create an unforgettable portrayal of modern life and its gritty enchantments. —Mary Biddinger


About Thomas

Thomas Mocarski is a quirky, record collecting poet and nonfiction writer. His writing generally lives within the realms of isolation, atmospheric dissonance, and distant silver linings. He lives in Akron, Ohio with his partner, stepdaughter, and a temperamental one-eyed calico.

What’s on your nightstand right now?

Gum and Heart of Darkness. Not because I am actively reading it, but because I feel like at some point I should. I am a massive procrastinator

Do you have any eccentric habits/strategies to get you started writing? What are they?

I pace and complain.

Your favorite place to write while in the NEOMFA?

My home office. I have a dreadful time writing anywhere else. I struggle with concentration.

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